Reflections on a Clinical Internship at Dewey

This week, John Dewey Academy is saying goodbye to clinical intern Adam Karp. Adam started his internship with Dewey in August of 2020 and is graduating from Antioch University New England with a master’s in Clinical Mental Health Counseling in May.

1. What is your academic and professional background?

I’ve been working in educational settings since I graduated from UMass Amherst in 2013. I actually met houseparent Lisa when she trained me at a ropes course job! From there, I went all over doing experiential facilitation, classroom teaching (including a year teaching English in South Korea) and a few years ago, I started graduate school for Clinical Mental Health Counseling. I also was a woods guide at True North.

2. Why were you interested in an internship at JDA?

I have a wide network of colleagues in the experiential education world. I posted on social media that I was looking for an internship and somebody recommended I get in contact with JDA!

3. What kind of work did you do during your internship?

The biggest thing I’ve been doing at JDA is building rapport and attuning with students. I have done some one on one work around martial arts, taught some health and wellness classes as well as met with students for some clinical time.

4. How has your time at Dewey contributed to your professional development?

Many therapists likely wonder what their clients are up to in between sessions. But at Dewey, I got to see the students interact with each other as well as do individual work.

5. What’s next for you?

I’m going back to woods! At least for the summer. I’ve accepted a field therapist position at a new wilderness therapy program in Colorado.

Good luck, Adam!