NYSACAC and NEACAC Super Conference at Marist College

On June 7th, John Dewey’s Head of School Andrea Lein and language and humanities faculty member Christian Holland traveled to Poughkeepsie, NY, to the beautiful campus of Marist College, to attend the first ever joint New England Association for College Admission Counseling (NEACAC) and New York State Association for College Admission Counseling (NYSACAC) Super Conference. Christian Holland, oversees the summer college workshop at Dewey for rising seniors. The staff learned about the latest trends in the industry. Andrea and Christian were able to reconnect with many admissions officers from the colleges and universities our students have attended over the years: from Amherst to Williams and everything in between!

Andrea Lein had the distinct pleasure of attending a special dinner and tour hosted at Vassar College, where she learned some new, interesting facts about the school from a delightfully engaging student tour guide. For example, Vassar’s Main House  — now the administrative building — was the largest interior space in the U.S. when it was built in 1865. It lost that title once the United States Capitol building was completed in 1868. The original dorms had a small room located off each bedroom for the young women’s personal maids! (seriously) Andrea was able to meet new colleagues as well as Vassar’s new president, Dr. Elizabeth Bradley.

The Main House at Vassar College

Formal and informal discussions at the Super Conference, with both counselors on the high school side, and admissions officers on the college side, will inform and enrich our Dewey college workshop this summer. After an initial meeting with Andrea and Christian, the rising seniors will get together with Christian once a week during the summer, for an hour, to review one by one the various components of the college process.

These topics include:

  1. Paying for college
  2. Transcripts and test scores
  3. Extracurriculars and community service
  4. College choices
  5. Personal essays
  6. Supplements
  7. Timeline for applications
  8. Demonstrated interest
  9. Visits and interviews
  10. College contacts and networking
  11. Letters of recommendation
  12. Writing samples and/or art portfolios (when appropriate)

We ask the students to prepare a college portfolio over the course of the summer and early fall so that they may share with the clinical staff and their parents, in a clear and concise document structured according to the twelve points outlined above, their progress in organizing the multiple tasks of the college process. In this way, we seek to uphold our strong Dewey legacy of sending our graduating seniors, all without exception, to a college of their choice: one for which they are well matched, about which they can be excited, and at which they may move forward with pride and confidence into a promising future.

We are thrilled for our current class of graduates, who will have formal commencement on August 11, 2018. All of these students got into multiple schools and were able to choose the school that best fit their needs from a pool of great options. This year’s graduating class will be attending:

Congratulations to all of our John Dewey graduates on a job well done!