100% of JDA Seniors are College-Bound

We are proud to announce that once again, 100% of our graduating seniors are college-bound! Dewey students will be attending the following colleges in the fall:

· Syracuse University

· Colorado College

· University of Arizona

· State University of New York at Geneseo

· Skidmore College

· University of Michigan

Every summer, seniors participate in a weekly workshop to guide them through the college application process. This year’s college workshop was led by Mira Revesz, a faculty member and Dewey alumna. Below, Mira describes her approach to the workshop.

The college workshop has a few central goals: 1) To help students identify their values and dreams, alongside any constraints, to come up with a list of colleges and universities in which they could thrive. 2) To take control of the narrative of their past struggles and to celebrate their incredible growth through the writing of their college essays 3) To begin to develop a community and support network within the senior class; the college workshop is the first situation in which the rising seniors meet as a group.

In addition to providing necessary space for students to prepare the various elements of their college applications, the college workshop gives rising seniors an opportunity to look back on the trajectory of their growth. In the workshop, students craft narratives of self that acknowledge but do not get stuck in their past struggles. Students learn to highlight the hard work they’ve done towards gaining self-respect and confidence. They project a vision of their future selves and future successes into their writings, communicating a genuine hopefulness for their future that most would have found impossible before their arrival at Dewey. Psychologists stress the importance of gaining control over one’s narrative as a crucial stage in healing from trauma, and in the college workshop, seniors form a community around taking this momentous step.